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The island paradise in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives consist of 19 atolls with 1,190 islands. They have been described as beads distributed in turquoise waters surrounded by white sand and palm trees which are inclined towards the water.



Islands of the Maldives are marvels of nature which, do not only bring joy but, also the warmth and friendliness of the people making your holiday a truly memorable stay.

Malé is the capital of Maldives with about 100,000 inhabitants. Some of the many attractions that you will find on Malé are numerous shops, banks, hospitals and government agencies. Malé International Airport is located on the nearby island of Hulhulé.

Approximately 88 islands of the Maldives are exclusively developed as private resort islands for tourists, 200 islands are inhabited and the rest is still left uninhabited. The total population is about 300,000 with a growth rate of -0.168% (2009 est.) .

The Maldives is a 100% Muslim country where the majority follows Sunni Islam. Consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden for the locals and it is prohibited introducing on any inhabited island. Alcoholic beverages are available only on resort islands for tourists and at a few specially permitted hotels, such as the Hulhulé Island Hotel at Malé International Airport.

It is highly advised to pay attention to appropriate clothing during visits to the inhabited islands at all times.