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Though Male’ is the capital of Maldives, it is too small to have an airport. Therefore, your flight to Maldives would land on the neighbouring island called Hulhule', which looks more like an aircraft carrier from the air, with the only runway in the world that begins and ends in water. You own your first Maldivian memorabilia when you gain an unforgettable image in your mind of the unique landing on the runway. Just as your flight seems about to splash into the greenish blue crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean the wheels suddenly bounce onto the asphalt.

The island of Hulhule’ is just over a kilometre from Male' and for years the island served as the holiday destination for the Sultans (Kings who ruled before the country changed into a Republic in the early 1950s).

The Maldivian weather is sunny and the temperature is usually between 28 - 31 degrees Celsius. If you are not used to continuous exposure to sunlight, it is advisable to apply skin lotions on your body to protect it from ultra-violet rays.

Once you have gone through Customs and Immigration and collected your luggage, you could either meet your holiday representative if you have already arranged your travel plans through a travel agent (advisable), or you could book a hotel resort through the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board's Counter. Also, if you want to exchange your currency, there is a foreign currency exchange counter to assist you.