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Transport from Hulhule, to your next stop is mainly by ‘dhoni’ or Maldivian ferries. These are usually motor boats which could accommodate about 30-40 people and take about 10 -15 minutes to reach Male’. If your destination is the capital, you could hire one of these dhoni from MRf. 75.00 - 100.00. (about US$ 7.00 -10.00). You could possibly bargain a fare with the ‘Falhuveriyaa’, the Captain of the dhoni. Sometimes, if you are not hiring a dhoni yourself, you could get transportation to Male’ as an ‘extra’ guest for about MRf. 10.00 (about US$ 1.00). The most economic option would be for you to join with other tourists to form a group and share the dhoni fare.

If you prefer faster forms of transportation, you have smaller speed boats which can accommodate about 5-7 people. These take only 5 minutes to reach Male’ and you might have to pay anything from MRf. 150 (about US$ 15.00). Further destinations such as the atolls in Ari Atoll could be reached by Seaplane. If this is your choice you would be in for a breath-taking trip which would never fail to impress you with the most beautiful scenery of endless waters. These waters have an incredibly large spectrum of colours, which range from the dark blue of the deepest seas, and the light green of the shallowest lagoons. Frequently, you will see the white sandy bands which enclose the green vegetation of coconut palms.